diet_mantra_for_mental_health Oct 07, 2019

Diet Mantra For Mental Health

Get your start fix with whole grains and legumes. Fill up on plenty of fruits and veggies. Focus on eating fatty fish like Salmon or Tuna, in place of red meat. Add in healthy fats like raw nuts and olive oil. Eating on nutritious diet helps you keep a healthy body weight and a healthy heart. It also helps reduce your risk of developing some chronic diseases. It’s been found your mood and mental health are affected by your food choices. It is sometimes called the "Food-Mood Connection.. Here's the list of food which boost your mental health:

1. GREENS. Eat as many of these as you can. Include at every meal as they act as digestive enzymes to help process your food better. Greens also include Vitamins A, C, K, folate and minerals such as iron.

2. CUCUMBER. This vegetable is extremely calming on your insides. Whack it in a green smoothie or just slice it up and eat.

3. PUMPKIN SEEDS. Zinc is essential for immune health and stress management and pumpkin seeds are loaded with it. Symptoms of zinc deficiency can include; loss of appetite, irritability and depression. Throw some in a salad or lightly pan fry with a little mustard oil or olive oil.

4. ASPARAGUS. This spring vegetable is not only high in antioxidants but also a good source of tryptophan, an important amino acid that the body uses to make serotonin, which helps us sleep and support a healthy mood. “Serotonin deficiency is the most common cause of panic attacks.”

5. BERRIES and rich coloured fruits. Blueberries, strawberries etc. these little gems not only taste amazing but contain plant nutrients that protect you against certain diseases and are loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C becomes severely depleted in times of stress and anxiety. Antioxidants provides some of the best brain food.

6. COCONUT WATER. High in potassium and magnesium and is particularly good for re-hydrating and re-energising. You can freeze coconut water into ice cubes , add them to any of your favourite drinks and the flavour will be diluted.

7. CHIA SEEDS AND WALNUTS. High in omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins and magnesium (all of which support metabolism, reduce stress and improve mood). Walnuts are excellent brain nutrition. Use them in your smoothie.

8. CHAMOMILE TEA. Herb in nature, Chamomile comes from the Daisy like flowers and dried chamomile flowers are used to make Chamomile Tea. It is a natural relaxant. It has properties that may aid sleep and digestion as well. You can sip it one to three times daily.

9. BANANAS. These are great source of potassium, manganese, vitamin C and fibre, but did you know they can enhance memory too?? Studies have shown eating bananas help students learn more efficiently and improve exam scores.

10. CARBS. We tend to eat more health PALEO friendly carbs when feeling a little flat and funny enough often crave them. This is one tip we tell a lot of people – increase your carb intake to get your mood back on track. Opt for stuff like Sweet Potato and Banana for a good mood boost. There is a strong connection between carbohydrates and mood and it is all about tryptophan, a nonessential amino acid. The more tryptophan enters the brain, more serotonin is synthesized in the brain, and mood tends to improve. Serotonin, also known as a mood regulator, is made naturally in the brain from tryptophan with some help from the B vitamins. The Foods which thought to increase serotonin levels in the brain include fish and vitamin D. Almost all protein rich foods are sources of Tryptophan. Thus, you can actually boost your tryptophan levels by eating more carbohydrates; they seem to help eliminate the competition for tryptophan, so more of it can enter the brain. But it’s important to make smart carbohydrate choices like fruits and vegetables, which also contribute important nutrients and fibre to your insides.

11. Dark Chocolate and RAW Cocoa. Cocoa contains serotonin and precursors to serotonin, our brain’s natural feel good molecule. Many people feel a rush of well-being when eating chocolate, dark chocolate, and cocoa. These also boost production of serotonin and other endorphins and neurotransmitters that result in feelings of deep pleasure, decreased pain, reduced stress, less fatigue, and increased contentment.

12. Get your Gut Health. pumping by consuming foods such as full fat organic yoghurt, a good probiotic. Avoid foods that contribute to leaky gut syndrome (like Grains)! There is a definite gut-brain connection and problems associated with the gut can have serious effects on mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Several studies have shown there is a strong relationship between gastrointestinal disorders and mental health. So, get that gut happy .

Natural Supplements That Help In Foggy Brain:

Brain fog is a term to describe Mental Fatigue. It can be caused by a variety of symptoms. I.e. low energy, poor concentration, slower learning, forgetfulness, lack of focus etc. Incorporate some or all of the following to fight your Mental Fatigue and improve your Cognitive Health:

1. VITAMIN C. Also known as Ascorbic Acid, is a vital antioxidant molecule in the brain. A study indicated that Vitamin C lowers anxiety levels and other studies have shown mood elevating effects after taking Vitamin C.

2. FISH AND B VITAMINS. Fish contains both the potent omega-3 fatty , EPA and DHA which can help with symptoms of depression and anxiety and even bipolar disorder. In addition, the entire range of B vitamins, including vitamins B12, B6, and folate may also be helpful in regulating mood.

3. MAGNESIUM. It offers better sleep as the sleep regulating hormone melatonin is disturbed when Magnesium is deficient. Furthermore, Magnesium brings balance and controls stress hormones. Stress and tension are often reasons why people suffer from insomnia in the first place. It also relaxes the nervous system. Magnesium is important in the serotonin story because it is a necessary element in the release and uptake of serotonin by brain cells. With proper amounts of magnesium, nature makes sufficient serotonin and you experience emotional balance. It can help migraine sufferers, PMS sufferers and is a must for anyone who is depressed or anxious.

4. EPSOM SALT BATHS. Epsom salt is also known as Magnesium sulphate. Basically a magnesium bath that instantly relaxes you. Your skin is so porous and magnesium is just cranking through your body after a bath with Epsom salts. Can buy these in the medicine section in your local market. (Despite its name, Epsom salt is completely different compound than table salt. )

5. MIND DUMP. Written records or to keep a private diary of your thoughts can be one of the most effective ways of dealing with mood disorders. The only act of writing down our thoughts and feelings instantly makes us feel less anxious as having too many tasks on our mind makes us feel bloody overwhelmed. Makes us feel like important journalists too.

6. EXERCISE. Releases endorphins, makes you feel strong , builds up stamina and boosts your confidence. Endorphins acts as a kick-start for getting a positive feeling in the body. Enough said.

7. Find something you enjoy. Ultimately everything is so individual, we just want to be a voice and perhaps even a virtual shoulder to lean on when it feels like there is no sunlight. Perhaps try include some of the above to help you on your path to overall wellness.