rice_phirni Oct 07, 2019

Rice Phirni


Rice- 50 gms

Milk- 1 lt

Malai or mawa- 1 cup

Sugar- 100 gms

Cardamom powder- 2 pinch

Cashews and raisins- 8-10

Silver work paper- 1


1. Soak rice in water for an hour. Then grind it coarsely. Keep it aside.

2. Put milk in a pan for boiling. When the milk comes to boil, add rice to it and cover it.

3. Cook the rice for 8-10 minutes. Now add the cream or mawa and sugar in it.

4. Take out the mixture in a bowl once it becomes thick.

5. Add cardamom powder to it and mix well.

6. When cooled, pour cashews and raisins on top and decorate it with silver work. Serve cold or hot as desired.