moong_dal_omlette Oct 07, 2019

Moong Dal Omelette (Without Egg)


Washed moong dal- 200 gms

Green chilli (chopped)-1-2

Onion (chopped)- 1

Capsicum (chopped)- 1

Tomato (chopped)- 1 Coriander leaves (chopped)- 2 tbsp

Oil – 2 tbsp

Baking soda- 1/2 tsp

Salt- to taste


1. Overnight soak moong dal in water.

2. Drain out excess water and grind dal with 150 ml water. Make a smooth paste of it.

3. Add salt, chopped green chillies, onion, tomato, capsicum and coriander leaves to it.

4. Lastly add baking soda to the mixture. Mix until bubbles come.

5. Heat the pan and add some oil to it in order to avoid sticking.

6. Now, pour the batter and spread it evenly. This spread should be thin enough just like omelette.

7. Add some oil over the top of moong dal omelette , flip the side once bottom part is cooked well. Let other side cook now.

8. Protein rich moong dal omelette is ready to serve. It can be served with tomato sauce, coriander chutney or coconut chutney.